‘The ‘Funk Hiit’ sessions are designed to achieve “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”
Commonly referred to as the ‘after-burn effect’.
It’s the best way to keep muscle shape, while you burn fat stores. If you want to feel good this summer, than “Funk Hiit” is what you need.
We achieve the “after-burn effect” by keeping your heart-rate at 70% for 35 minutes. 4 rounds, over 10 exercise stations. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest. Distributing the work load to all muscle groups.
Movements at exercises stations are modified by personal trainers for the individual levels flexibility, strength, & fitness.
$29.95 per week gives you unlimited access to all sessions and unlimited access to everything else at the gym.


Strength 50%, Cardio 50%

We love a good bludge on the weekend but come Monday morning us bludgers love to hit the gymto work off a great weekend. With an exciting mix of some strength training as well as some cardio rounds this workout will fire up your metabolism and be a great kick off to your week.


Tone 75%, Cardio 25%

Strength training is the key to toning and shaping the body (essential for a nudie run 😉) thisworkout has a strength training focus guaranteed to improve your power output and core control


Cardio 75%, Strength 25%

For every true ocker larrikin who loves to “have a go” this workout gives you a huge variety of cardio exercises that will push your comfort zone and add enough spice to keep you really interested


Strength 75%, Cardio 25%

Looking for a training session that will really push you? With a slower pace so we can focus on heavier weights to achieve some really great strength gains this work out will leave you “cactus”.


Cardio 75%, Tone 25%

Is your bum, beach ready? This slamming cardio workout will help build a beach ready bod ….. just in time for the weekend


Strength 50%, Cardio 50%

An hour long to push you till you cark it. This workout earns you a top weekend. Filled with a great mix of unique strength challenges and cardio bursts you’ll earn yourself Sunday off.